PX project in Fujian PTA futures explosion limit

Around at 19:00 on April 6, located in Fujian Zhangzhou Gulei PX project exploded, causing three tanks burst burning. At 16:40 on the 7th, the last one of the cupping was extinguished, but 19:40, due to strong winds led to the resurgence of tank No. 610. At press time ago, 610 tanks have been temporarily invisible flame. For security, prevent sticking, firefighters 20 minutes to conduct a foam extinguishing agent coverage will continue until the early hours every.
Stunned, it also allows the existence of the original "PX dilemma", and more highlight it. PX project again be pushed on the cusp of public opinion!
"China is the world's first consumer PX, but currently there are 40% of the PX material imports, domestic materials prices higher than the six or seven times." Fujian Institute of Structure of Matter, Chinese Academy of Sciences, deputy director of Portland State government told Technology Daily reporter, and PX project blocked everywhere different country, United States, Japan and other countries have a lot of layout PX production line, targeting precisely China's huge market.
Portland State government believes that decade, China's self-sufficiency rate from PX Nearly nine fell Liu Cheng; PX industry supply and demand from the world situation, China's largest gap. One of the main reasons is that, PX incident caused a lot of controversy, government and corporate decision-making more careful, abandoned or postponed PX project, but stimulating the development of foreign PX project, to equip them with more and more price initiative .
"PX is an irreplaceable industrial goods, clothing, housing association and are quite close. Once the new production continued to decline in the future, there will be a vicious cycle, a direct impact on the national economy needs more than a billion people." Portland State government said.
In fact, once Zhangzhou PX is one of many places to learn "a benchmark" in the project information disclosure, mobilize broad public participation in other aspects also in the nation, a "new era of mass work in a typical case."
The people who have been resisting the PX project in Xiamen in 2007, in May the following year relocated Zhangzhou Gulei peninsula. At the time, Zhangzhou municipal government has taken extensive public participation in the EIA, petrochemical experts for the report, cadre villages and households, charter fieldwork petrochemical projects at home and abroad and other measures of positive publicity PX project, and achieved good results, become the decision-making during the "Eleventh Five-Year" The only hope was basically completed and put into operation to see the PX project.
When the Xiamen PX relocation, relocation of Dalian PX storm, Ningbo PX expansion project termination, Maoming PX project encountered boycott, the "Zhangzhou Experience" is regarded as a possible treatment, "a downtown stop" gridlock prescription. This is also below the central ministries, requires Zhangzhou success stories and inspiration PX floor construction projects, sometimes attracts those who learn from Taizhou, Nantong, and other places.
Said the wise man will not be tripping over the same stone twice, but the major chemical projects, but have a typical case of explosion, why not?
Former Head of the Department of Chemical Engineering, Fuzhou University Professor Wang Liangen, this year has been 77 years old, engaged in the PX industry for more than 40 years, when he heard the news first reaction was, "how is this possible."
"Regulation is not just hanging on the wall, but the key is to keep in mind, put it into action." WANG Liang-en of Science and Technology Daily reporter said that he had repeatedly accompanying research into the various types of plants, they emphasize the most yes, every enterprise since the first handle to front-line employees have safety issues very seriously.
WANG Liang-en said that, in addition to the formulation of a variety of targeted science and system security measures, but also scientific, advanced and reasonable procedures in production, and strictly enforce the requirements of frontline workers in the operation; corporate security department based on the production of the first line safety checks, safety education, find and solve problems.
Chinese Academy of Sciences researcher Wu Lixin FJIRSM had Polymer Nanocomposites in the United States, Canada and many other colleges and universities. In contrast, he said after the differences between Chinese and Western industrial culture, "China's industrialization process has only been a few decades, both in product quality and safety supervision or regulation of large-scale industrial production, but also the lack of rigorous processes and standards conscious awareness. In fact, as long as each a detail in strict accordance with procedures and standards, many accidents can be avoided almost all.
"In addition, we have taken legal shock force is not enough." For example, he said, a domestic manufacturer for alleged environmental violations PX, MEP project was halted and fined 200,000 yuan. For the hundreds of billions of business, so it is difficult to play its due punishment earthquake taken effect.
"The problem is obvious, Zhangzhou PX project is not, nor is it a technical problem. Public concerns may also lie in our business management and personnel to be improved, safety and environmental regulation needs to be strengthened." Lan national policy proposal, conditional local government should be introduced professional third-party safety and environmental regulatory agencies, instead of safety inspection campaign-style, so you can really detect security vulnerabilities and control risk. At the same time, to encourage the local residents to participate in running the plant supervision, especially in safety, environmental protection, the production so that enterprises in a variety of effective supervision.
Portland State government said the event Zhangzhou PX very painful lesson, hope that the authorities should take this as an opportunity to improve public participation in environmental protection system, construction of government, community groups, businesses, the public and other parties shared governance model, from the planning, construction to commissioning, operation the whole chain to strengthen oversight of the enterprise to effectively protect the public interest the public, is an effective way to break deadlock PX.